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Every Full Moon I hold a public fire ritual from the shamanic angle of classical (Siberian) shamanism called 'Kamlanie'. I do the ritual on the full Moon to use the available energy of the Moon phase for the prosperity of us all. We add positive healing energy for ourselves and humanity; that she may become more aware of the sanctity of Mother Earth and the interconnectedness between us all; humans, plants and animals. We offer sacrifices in the light half of the year (March-September) to the Great Spirits of nature and the spirits of our immediate surroundings. They have long suffered in oppression from all the asphalt, pollution, cutting, oil in the water, heat, etc. Our visible and invisible connections with the immediate environment are important. Through these rituals and shamanism we help to restore ancient traditional values based on harmonious interaction between people and the environment.
In the dark half of the year (between September and March) we sacrifice to the ancestors; those who guide us invisibly and are our roots. In doing so, we give to the fire what no longer serves us and may be transformed, at the individual level and at the level of our community.

The ritual is less focused on our “I”, but is meant for the community and the greater whole, and of course we also share in this energy. The Saturday night closest to the full Moon, we gather as a community at the ritual fire to do healing work for our community, for the well-being of our fellow human beings and for the Earth. For the community, by the community.

As humanity, we are in a transitional situation that will determine our future. There is a major climate problem partly due to our disrupted connection to Mother Earth and we are in the process of hurting her a lot, as well as her creatures. There is a lot of fear surrounding corona and also fear of changes that we will simply have to make to get through this transition.


Let's make a sacred fire together, drum, sing and dance, whatever you want, to help us humans get through this transition, remembering the original human values, connection and love again.

Several people around the world participate in this ritual, remotely, at the same time. We create a network of shamans and shamanic practitioners who work in the same way. Together we heal our environment and provide regeneration for our tormented Mother Earth. We activate old places of power in nature or create new places of power.

You can also participate at home with, for example, a special candle that you can use for this. Any flame is fine, just as each of us adds a little bit of energy to the whole so that together we can make a big difference. Complete the ritual in your own way, but at least take the above intention with you. On Instagram , certain themes are sometimes quoted per moon phase.


The ceremonies are coordinated by the Spirit of Wolf international community. Spirit of Wolf is an international organization for the preservation of traditional shamanism and universal human values ​​and stands for spreading shamanic ideas in order to remind people of their connection with the Earth. In this way Spirit of Wolf hopes for a more harmonious society of man and nature, respect for creation and for the Great Soul and hopes to create a more hopeful future for our descendants. I myself am a personal student of shaman Morsuk Kam and I am responsible for the Dutch office of Spirit of Wolf. You can contact me for registration or membership.

Fundamental values ​​of me and Spirit of Wolf are therefore:

- spiritual freedom and self-empowerment through direct and profound experience
- friendship, humanity, honoring diversity as the different expressions of the Great Soul
- responsibility for own actions in love and respect for Mother Earth
- truth and clarity in the light of the universal laws of nature and the universe

We are all brothers and sisters, living under the same heaven.
We are the keepers of the Earth and the children of the heavens.

The ceremonies are public and a contribution is only requested from me and/or the owner/owner of the location. A donation is mandatory, no matter how small it is. It may be money (I will buy offerings of this next time, wood, fuel, smoking herbs,) but it may also be something else small such as an offering, a piece of colored cloth, black tea, sage herbs, juniper bushes, special stones or other things that I can use in my work or something tasty or fun for the owner of the location. Giving gifts shows respect and an exchange of energy.

What to bring (not required):

- drum or rattle if you have one

Offerings - from March 21 to September 21:
- white foods such as white bread without salt, flour, rice, milk, cheese, sweets, sweet cakes, flowers

From September 21 to March 21 (dark half of the year):
- everything your ancestors loved, traditional food and drinks from your country or from your ancestors (this does not necessarily have to be the Netherlands)
- white foods such as white bread, flour, milk, sweets

(really only take a VERY little bit because it quickly becomes too much
and otherwise we have to have a second dinner)

Registration via email is required!

Changes, send an email for registration and location
Always around South Holland/Utrecht

Dates and times:

Sat April 24, 2021 - Kamlanie Full Moon Ritual - Earth Day - from 7:00 PM (closed)

Sat 14 May 2021 - Kamlanie new Moon ritual

Sat May 22, 2021 - Kamlanie Ceremony of the Water

May 28, 2021 - Kamlanie Full Moon Ritual

June 12, 2021 - Kamlanie new Moon ritual

June 21, 2021 - Kamlanie Midsummer Ritual

June 26, 2021 - Kamlanie full Moon ritual - Location Gouderak

July 10, 2021 - Kamlanie new Moon ritual

July 17, 2021 - Kamlanie Full Moon Ritual

July 21 - Kamlanie Ritual in honor of the Fire - location Gouderak