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Hypnosis, it captures the imagination and is somewhat mysterious. Many people know it from the show hypnoses of television - but did you know that it is a very effective means of solving specific problems? Just like in shamanism, hypnosis uses trance, we can therefore also say that hypnotherapy is actually shamanism, given a modern twist with frameworks and structure. This is also how I offer my hypnosis sessions, sometimes in combination with shamanism, sometimes just as a separate programme. Hypnosis works with the subconscious, something that is little addressed in mainstream psychology and psychiatry. Still often Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the common way of treatment, but what if this does not work or if it is unclear where the problem comes from? Hypnosis, and therefore trance, can get to that core and uncover the root of the problem. From there, we can move forward with your healing process with new information.


Hypnosis is therefore ideally suited for tracing problems that lie in the subconscious, like shamanism it focuses on our deeper structures, programmes, experiences, emotions and beliefs.
The following problems and situations lend themselves well to hypnotherapy:

- unlearning certain behaviours
- quitting smoking
- losing weight
- sleep problems
- stress
- pain problems
- depressive feelings
- anxiety complaints
- self-confidence problems
- emotion phobia
- complaints whose cause is unclear


How it works.

If you think hypnotherapy might be for you, in combination with shamanism, you can request an intake.
We then have an intake in which you tell me what you are struggling with in your life, and we have a so-called pre-talk: this is a conversation to clear up misconceptions about hypnosis and explain to you well what we are going to do. Hypnotherapy is based on a trust between client and therapist, and I want to take the time to put you at ease to gain this trust. I also explain to you about the brain and the subconscious so that you also understand what we are going to do.
Then we do some receptivity tests to see how easy it is for you to get into a trance so that I can have some idea of how we will shape the hypnosis session.
During the hypnosis session we will use trance inducing methods, which can vary according to your needs and what you are comfortable with. You will never be able to do something against your will, I also explain this in the pre-talk, and so during the hypnosis session I give new suggestions for reprogramming that match your deeper values and who you are. We also discuss this beforehand, of course.
After the hypnosis session, we discuss how you experienced it and either schedule another session or see what is needed next, according to your needs and in my estimation.

Want to know more or make an appointment right away?

Then send a message via the contact form!

Intake and pre-talk (about 1.5 hrs):
€25.00 and always without obligation

Hypnosis sessions price: € 73.50 per hour incl. VAT, usually the actual session lasts 1.5 hours incl. post-talk


You can read about my hypnotherapy training and experiences under "about me".

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