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Rainbow Healing - The Cosmic Flames

A treatment with what we call "the cosmic rays" or the "cosmic flames" is a treatment based on the great streams of color that emanate from the cosmos. These are perceived and experienced in the form of colors and are channeled into the body by the shaman. 
The cosmic colors are those of the rainbow and more. They are specific qualities of the eternal light of the cosmos, and in this case Blue, Yellow, Violet, Red, White, Green, Orange and then Gold, Silver and Platinum. This form of healing is sometimes combined with other techniques  but is a standalone treatment. It focuses on all levels, just as the life force flows everywhere, it can remove blockages in the energetic body or / and add energy. With this treatment, not only the self-healing capacity of the body is activated, but also specific sub-areas where these rays go.



The healing method with the cosmic rays is extremely suitable for a somewhat softer form of healing or flow. A color bath is slowly set up for you as a client, this time you are also relaxing on a warm massage table with a blanket over you and around you are worked with stones, color and scent.
The treatment is not a substitute for treatment for a doctor, but can be a supplement or speed up healing. So, if you have serious complaints, first go to your doctor and get examined!

These complaints are suitable to treat with this energetic method:
-personality problems
- immunity problems
- spiritual meaning questions
- emotional issues
- physical discomfort such as pain

Treatment is often not possible if:
- you are pregnant
- you have heart problems or a pacemaker
- you suffer from a serious mental disorder
- are under the age of 18 and do not have parental consent
Please contact us if you suffer from this to see what the possibilities are


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The life energy (sometimes also called prana, önd, chi, kundalini, Reiki), comes from the Cosmic Source and gives nourishment and life to everything in and around us and at a given moment branches into sub-areas, so one can also work much more focused . Because our mind is not separate from the body, the life force also nourishes our mental processes, our emotions, our thoughts and our ideas; that are present in the energy field around us. Everything is alive, vibrating and has a certain frequency on the scale of life.

It is the task of the shaman/practitioner to improve the flow of a certain focused energy in the treatment by collecting the specific cosmic ray within himself, with the help of the personal helpers, and adding it to the physical body and the subtle bodies of the client where it is needed. .

What will you notice during this treatment:
- instant relief from (physical or emotional) pain and discomfort
- tingling in a pleasant way
- very deep relaxation
- personal insights
- answers to life questions
- contact with ancestors or past lives
- loving presence

I specialize in the Violet Flame, one of the most powerful transducers and alchemical forces in the world.




Before we schedule a session, or prior to the session, we have an intake interview. I will then ask some questions about your mental and physical health and what complaints you are coming for. This way I have more insight into the possible energetic causes and background. Of course, all this remains strictly confidential; I have a duty of confidentiality. I will also explain what you can expect from the treatment and you can indicate what you like or don't like.


The treatment

The treatment itself is done on a treatment table as with massage. I'll take care of that
you are warm and comfortable. Then I treat the energetic field with the hands
just above your body. So I don't touch you (this may be the case with physical complaints) and
you can keep your clothes on.
I cleanse and remove blockages, put colors in the energy field and am open
for directions from my helpers. Sometimes I use tools,

- the shamanic drum
- symbols as shown on the right
- a shamanic mirror
- stones (precious but also 'ordinary' stones)

Afterwards we discuss the treatment, which takes half an hour or an hour, and we look for a possible follow-up appointment. Usually, just like with massage, three treatments are needed to make everything flow properly and to remove all blockages, sometimes it is too intense to do everything at once because then too much will come loose. But often we come a long way with one, in addition, it is also just wonderfully relaxing to undergo the treatment.



Intake:€25.00 incl. VAT

minus:€ 73.50 incl. VAT

If you are interested, send me an email via the contact form and we will schedule a session


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