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Energetic Treatment


An energetic treatment is a treatment based on a specific complaint, which I try to relieve or even cure by means of laying on of hands or magnetizing. It is a specific way of removing blockages and adding energy in the energetic body. This energy is the life force, which all living beings, humans and animals, possess and is connected to Heaven and Earth. I am, as it were, a hollow bone through which this energy can flow freely through the client and ensures that the client's self-healing capacity is activated.


An energetic treatment works on the energetic body and therefore also on the physical body and the mind. We are not just our body, we are a holistic being where everything is interconnected.
The treatment is not a substitute for a doctor's treatment, but it can be a supplement or accelerate healing. So in case of serious complaints, first go to your doctor and have yourself examined!

These complaints are suitable to be treated with this energetic method:
- lung complaints
- pain, chronic pain
- menstrual complaints / hormonal imbalance
- stress, tension
- complaints of the musculoskeletal system and muscles
- fatigue complaints, energy system
- skin complaints

Treatment is not possible if:
- you are pregnant
- you have heart complaints
- you suffer from a serious mental disorder
- you have a lot of suicidal thoughts
- are under the age of 18 and do not have parental consent

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