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A shamanic painting, attuned to you, like a ren (spirit house).
Before making it I tune in and consult with the spirits about what you need in your life right now, could use some extra help or want to bring in healing. I let the spirits take over the brush or pencil and paint the painting in combination with spirit songs and rituals. You can also do small rituals yourself to attune and prepare for this process. I can also use things like herbs, ashes, beads, stones, woolen threads, fire for the painting.

It is a completely personal painting and afterwards I will give instructions on how to use it, how to 'feed' it and what else the spirits have told me that is relevant for you to know for your process. You can hang the painting in your home, above your altar, or create a special altar for the specific theme for which the painting was made and decompose it when your healing process is complete.


The price is on a donation basis
The time when the painting is finished varies, depending on what comes loose.

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