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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is about restoring balance within yourself, between you and others and the world around you.
A shamanic way of life recognizes that everything is alive and has a consciousness, although different from ours. We therefore also recognize that we are more than just a body of flesh and bones. That there is a soul, spirit and non-physical bodies. This can be found in various religious cultures around the world; we are a coherence of different parts and energies that are connected and interact with each other. We are a holistic being, we are more than our body, more than our brain. We recognize in shamanism that there is more than the eye can see or science can (now) determine.

Shamanic healing is about restoring balance between different parts of ourselves and working with the spirits (helpers). The energy condensed into pain, discomfort and other illnesses is viewed within traditional shamanism as a spirit that the shaman can contact. With this she can also ask whether the disease wants to leave the body.



A healing session can provide relief for problems in various areas, including psychological problems, emotional and physical complaints. People often come to me when other ways have not worked (sufficiently) or in combination with a regular process to use shamanism as extra support.
I am therefore not a substitute for a doctor or psychiatrist, and will certainly refer you if I think it is necessary or if I think I am not the right person for you. I have good contacts with psychologists in my area.

A healing session will not only possibly remove the cause of the complaint, but also has an effect on many other processes that can be improved with it.

examples of complaints:

- fibromyalgia
- generalized fears
- depressive complaints
- allergies and other sensitivities
- insecurities and lack of personal strength

- chronic inflammation
- skin diseases
- menstrual complaints and hormonal imbalance
- reduced resistance
- trauma
- asthma

Shamanic healing looks holistically at the person and in particular at the cause of the complaint, and can be a good addition to an existing treatment with the doctor or psychologist and is completely safe. Often a healing consists of a ritual, or rituals over a longer period, in which you cooperate with the helping spirits, mine and yours, in combination with rituals that you sometimes also have to perform yourself. These are often ancestors.

In healing work I look at a number of things:

- energy blockages in the life force and energy centers (similar to chakra system)
- psychological or emotional causes such as old pain, trauma
- balance male/female energy
- blockages in personal power
- problems in the ancestor line
- Balance in the element system
- presence of destructive programs (curses)
- presence of entities/hitchhikers/heavy energies/parasites etc.

- Status of the nervous system(polyvagal theory)



What I can do then is:

- Extraction rituals
- Let energy blockages in the life force flow again
- Traditional healing method 'Wolf medicine'
- Letting go of old pain through rituals
- Cooperate with specific spirits
- Cooperate with the power of power places
- Shamanic Massage
- Elemental healing
- Removal of energetic 'programs' and curses
- Restoring balance between male and female energy
- Opening of the White Road
- IndividualRite of the Womb(Uterus Healing)
- Healing ancestral line
- Clearing energetic cords / breaking energetic contracts
- Influencing threads of fate (past-present-future)
- Working with archaic symbol keys
- Hypnosis sessions
- Working with energetic help from plant spirits in the form of flower essences and plant extracts (no psychoactive substances) and stone spiritsOften the treatment consists of a combination of a number of the above methods


This may sound vague, but in practice it is often very logical, accessible and down-to-earth. You also often receive something from me, an amulet, or an exercise that you can do at home or another object to continue working on recovery yourself.
A session usually lasts 1.5 hours, I often ask in advance if we can call about what is wrong. Of course everything is and remains strictly confidential, unless you or another person is in mortal danger. Sometimes I do something for you in addition to or later in my own time, such as taking you into daily healing rituals.
Often several sessions are done, depending on the severity of the complaints. Sometimes the sessions are in quick succession, sometimes the whole process takes half a year.

Intake - 30 minutes:
€25.00 incl. VAT

Online/Distance Healing Session - 60 min:
€ 73.50 incl. VAT

Healing session in practice in Haastrecht - per 60 min:
€ 73.50 incl. VAT

If you are interested, send oneemail requesting an intakeor more information.
If you have no money but still need help; send a message anyway, there is always something to arrange.

Good luck and prosperity: white roads!

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