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Rite de Passage and Blessing Ceremonies
(Opening of the White Way)

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In a human life, we know many changes.
Life is change. Change is the only thing that is eternal.
That is why a human life has certain significant transitions; moments in a life that mark it into a different way of being. Transformative moments such as birth, marriage, first menstruation, motherhood, fatherhood, transition and, of course, dying.
Traditionally, these moments were accompanied, empowered and blessed through traditional ritual, usually in conjunction with the family and community.

Opening the White Way is a traditional ritual from the Spirit of Wolf tradition combined with a fire ritual. In short, it is a blessing of spirits and element spirits through the shaman leading the ritual. It involves clearing the path to prosperity and fulfilment of blockages and thus allowing free flow to achieve your goals and find your soul mission and ask the blessing of the spirits for what is to come. However, this ritual of the White Way can only take place in the light half of the year (the open Heaven Gates): March 31 to September 21.

Situations suitable for opening the White Way:

- graduation or first job
- purchase of a new house or land
- first menstruation or other personal
signs of the transition from girl to woman
- first ejaculation or other personal
signs of the transition from boy to man
- birth (becoming a mother or father)
- marriage
- death
- interment or scattering of ashes
- first sexual intercourse
- menopause or other signs of old age
- travelling, moving house

I will give you/you something to take with you afterwards so you can

reconnect if you wish. A ritual like this is priced according to
the client and takes about 3 hours and is done only in person.


If you are interested, send an e-mail through the contactoform

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