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Shamanic Massage

Massage is a good way to relax, loosen muscle knots, stimulate blood flow and remove toxins. Energetic blockages can also be released through physical massage and for many people it is a good way to get out of the head and thus restore contact with their body. Shamanism is always intertwined with my work and in the massage through working with the spirits and especially the elemental spirits.

Classic Massage

I have completed a training in Classical - also Swedish - Massage (with anatomy) at Mood Massage Training Courses. The Classic Massage is the most famous massage form and is the predecessor of the sports massage.
The following techniques are discussed:

- Palpation (sensory examination)
- Intermittent printing (relaxation and habituation)
- Effleurages (ironing with oil)
- Petrissages (kneading without oil)
- Frictions (very local technique)
- Shakes (relaxation)
- Tapotages (activating)

A massage is normally always the back, legs and arms (incl. Feet and hands), but you can always adjust this according to need or complaint, I can also massage based on intuition, so I pay attention to what I feel. Sometimes I make use of herbal smoke, gemstones, color and being open to messages that come through during the treatment. Cupping is also possible.


Benefits of a massage

Everyone always associates massage with relaxation, and of course nothing could be further from the truth. However, there are several benefits to be gained with massage, this is also due to the form of the massage of course. With the Classic Massage we are talking about the following:

- promotes blood flow
- deep relaxation
- lowers blood pressure
- loosens tense muscles
- loosens muscle knots
- improves the immune system
- disposal of waste
- better awareness and contact with the body
- improves sleep
- deepening of breathing
- removal of excess moisture
- positive effect on mood (production of oxytin)
- decrease in heart rate
- better flow of life energy

Element energies

A massage can last 30 minutes or 60
During the massage I use the guidance of the spirits and I work together with the element spirits Earth, Water, Fire and Air. They tell me the balance in the body on a physical and energetic level and it may be that afterwards, in consultation with you, I ask the element to come and help restore the balance. This can be in the form of:
- adulation
- sprinkling with water or working with ice
- candles
- working with mud or earth
Nothing happens in consultation, so together we determine what is needed to get body and mind back into balance.

Practical issues

A massage can last 30 minutes or 60 minutes, whatever you need.
The massage can be complaint-oriented, for example if you suffer from your shoulders, I pay extra attention to this, but can also be generally relaxing or in combination with a shamanic healing session. An intuitive massage is also possible.
You can indicate this in advance. You also indicate in advance what I can and cannot massage, whether you have pain somewhere, whether you are chronically ill or other things that are relevant for me to know before we start the treatment. Of course you will not come if you suffer from symptoms that could indicate a recent Covid-19 infection.

The massage is given in my practice room in Haastrecht and you don't have to bring anything yourself, at most some clothes that you can easily put on and take off, such as sweatpants. You will receive a cup of tea in advance and a nice cold glass of water afterwards.
I always work hygienic / mouth mask, and will sometimes ask a question during the massage about, for example, the pressure or the things that I consider necessary but may be different than you are used to, such as frictions (applying pressure to a button or tendon attachment to increase blood flow. stimulate and dispose of waste); which can sometimes be quite unexpected.

30 minutes massage: € 37, - inc. VAT * (only the back, or back, arms, legs at an activating pace)
60-minute massage : € 56, - ​​incl.VAT * (back, legs, arms)
This includes a 15-minute anamnesis interview in advance *

If you are interested in a massage, send a message via the contact form. I will then ask you some short questions about your expectations and wishes and arrange a date with you.
I hope to see you!

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