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House Cleaning Ritual

Normally, you feel comfortable in your own house, feel at home and unwind. You can usually work, live and sleep well in your own home. However, it sometimes happens that you don't feel comfortable in your own home. You feel like you are being rushed, or that there is a room in the house you would rather not enter, maybe you are scared in your own home and you have the feeling that something is wrong but you can't put your finger on what exactly it is. Sometimes, however, it is so bad that you are permanently tense and things in the house move around or doors stand up that you had really closed anyway.
There are several causes for the above problems, it could be that something very nasty has happened in the house you live in. That someone has died in a nasty way, but it could also be that there have been a lot of arguments in the house, and the energy from that has "stuck" or stuck, in the house. This is always the case to some extent, of course it is then an idea to give your house a good energetic cleansing once or twice a year!
A purification ritual can then be a godsend. I take the time to check your house and then energetically cleanse it thoroughly so that blockages or any entities will leave your house again and you can live relaxed again.

A house purification takes about 2 hours and costs around €110,- + travel allowance 0,19 cents p/km. We usually agree on the price together, also based on the size of the house and the situation.

Would you like to book a house purification with me? Then send me an e-mail.


Shamaan ritueel 21 sept 2021 - kleur-0149.jpg
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