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Home purification

Normally you feel comfortable in your own home, you feel at home and you can relax there. You can usually work, live and sleep well in your own home. However, it sometimes happens that you do not feel comfortable in your own home. You have the feeling that you are rushed, or that there is a room in the house that you would rather not come to, maybe you are afraid in your own house and you have the feeling that something is not right but you don't put your finger on it can explain what it is exactly. Sometimes, however, it is so bad that you are permanently tense and things move around the house or doors arise that you actually closed.
There are various causes for the above problems, it could be that something bad has happened in the house in which you live. That someone has died in a nasty way, but it may also be that there has been a lot of arguments in the house, and the energy of that has "stuck" or lingered in the house.
A purification ritual can then offer a solution. I take the time to check your house and then thoroughly clean it energetically so that blockages or possible entities will leave your house again and you can live relaxed again with peace of mind.

Do you want to book a home cleaning with me? Send me an e-mail.

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