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My vision

Our society is out of balance.
There is war, lust for power, materialism, exploitation of the Earth, animal suffering, and so on. Humanity seems to have lost respect for the Earth, the animals, the plants and to have forgotten that they are living, sentient beings. The position of women is closely related to this problem, there are many parallels. She who does not honor nature does not honor his own Mother, the Goddess, the woman.

In addition, many people are badly grounded. We live in our head and have lost the connection with our body and the feeling nature. The balance is lost. In the west people have long focused only on Heaven, but the Earth under the feet where the ancestors rest, seems to have been forgotten. Humanity seems to be in a phase comparable to a severely adolescent child: egocentric, identity crisis, physical satiety, inability to keep measure, playing different roles and images and glorifying power and money. We put ourselves outside the seasons through lighting, 24-hour shops, food from distant countries and the burnout problem has never been greater.
We are out of balance, don't have a stop button, life should always be fun, dark is scary and death is the end.
We have forgotten that everything, including us, can be reborn in a different form as we see in nature and the seasons; after all, it is always morning and spring again ...
We have lost this wisdom and we are afraid; have placed the divine outside of ourselves, forgot ancestors, stripped nature of its holiness by making it malleable, nature as a product, destined only for our insatiable hunger for MORE.
Time for a turnaround. Time to step out of the head and into the body, out of the clouds and onto the Earth.
Time to remember old values from the Motherland and traditional communities that live in close contact with nature in order to regain balance and realize that we are all connected.


My mission is to create a new world view in which unity is more important than hierarchical values ​​and in which there is a balance between thinking and feeling. For a new world in which balance with ourselves, each other and nature is more important than materialistic, self-centered, power-based values ​​that unfortunately reign supreme today. From an anthropocentric to an ecocentric world.

My mission is to bring about healing in consideration of all levels: energetic, physical, mental and emotional - bringing body and mind into harmony with natural means, given to us by nature and its simplicity.

My mission is to bring into contact women and men back to the female nature, shamanism and the pre-Indo-European culture, also known as "The Motherland". To accept feminine nature for what she is, learn to appreciate the cyclical feminine in herself and other women and men and how to use it for different purposes such as creativity, social support, personal development, to create a society in which man and woman are equal to each other.

My mission is to rediscover European (feminine) esoteric traditions and to introduce them to women and society in a modern - yet as close as possible to the original - way. The feminine tradition - which has been passed on through symbols, stories, myths - is being re-recognized through re-learning to think in symbolic language.
My mission is to bring people into contact with traditional shamanism in order to experience these connections again and to develop the sense of community, with people but also with plants and animals.


Core values

In this fast-paced 24-hour world where we are so strongly tempted to focus solely on external things, it is important to stay close to ourselves and our core values. These are the roots of our actions and can help us set priorities and ease difficult issues from the conscience. Below you will find my spiritual core values.

- I stand for spiritual freedom and self-actualization and self-empowerment through own experience

- I stand for friendship, humanity, understanding and honor diversity as different expressions of Great Spirit (God)

- I stand for responsible use of Earth's resources and actions that show respect for the planet

- I stand for clarity and truth regarding the sacred laws of nature and the universe (such as the sacred cycle) and balance between man and woman.

- I stand for an equal world in balance, especially of masculine and feminine energy and light and dark in the Great Cosmic cycle.

- I stand for the passing of the fire, not the worship of the ashes. Which means that I do not want to exactly reconstruct things from the past without an eye for the modern age and also that I do not stand for the guilty of groups of people from the past.

- I stand with all my heart for the unspeakable love and power of the True Self, which is connected to the Source / Great Spirit.



In the jungle of spiritual traditions, movements and religions in the Netherlands and Western Europe, it is important to think for ourselves what we believe and not let ourselves be fragmented and carried away with all the different perspectives. Below you can see my starting points in my spiritual life and work, which give direction to my method and life.

- The Divine Beginning, the Great Spirit, God or any other name we give to the Absolute Source and the Cosmos - everything that has existed, exists and will continue to exist - is eternal. Matter and energy are one. Nothing can be considered truly 'dead' since there is no such thing as the absolute absence of motion.

- Every particle of Being is connected with all others. This is more than the belief in the unity of the universe, it is the understanding that all things are interconnected in the great energy web of the cosmos. It is this understanding that allows a person to travel from one level to another and learn things by connecting directly with them.

- Everything around us is alive. Everything emits energetic vibrations: animals, trees, plants and even rocks. Each being is a part of the life of another being, and each has his or her own life, or some way of expressing his or her essence in the spirit of the Great Spirit that gave him or her life. Other forms of life have a different organization from the human ones and serve a specific purpose that they fulfill. Each of them has a consciousness that is different from ours, but still organizes the world in its own experience. Once internalized, this principle changes man's relationship with the earth and its environment.

There are inner zones of reality that regulate and influence external perception. In these inner worlds there are assistants, advisers and teachers who have the power to effect changes in the external reality.

- Everything that exists is an integral part of the whole.

- Circular movement is present everywhere in the universe and in everything. Linear time is an illusion. There is no absolute end, just as there is no absolute beginning in it. The three Matrons or Norns are one of the beautiful expressions of this.

- The universe exists as an expression of the will and mind of Great Spirit.

- Everything that exists in the universe has life, but it is experienced differently. Nothing can be considered really dead because there is no state in the world like the complete absence of movement. The soul is eternal regardless of the form it takes.

- Everything consists of the same primary elements and perceives the same energy flows, but individual beings arrange their perception in different ways as they try to express their essence in their own way in the mind of Great Spirit. Thus everything develops according to the laws of their existence.

- The development of us as human beings takes place in the constant search for harmony and balance in all things.

- Any form of energy that we send out eventually returns to ourselves. This is because we are all One.

Mind rules matter. Thoughts, images, visualization, words and actions create reality and physical changes.

- Everything that exists is born of a woman. Everything that exists owes its existence to the Divine Feminine.

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