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Energetic Treatment

An energetic treatment is a treatment based on a specific complaint, which I try to relieve or even cure by means of laying on of hands or magnetizing. It is a specific way of removing blockages and adding energy in the energetic body. This energy is the life force, which all living beings, humans and animals, possess and is connected to Heaven and Earth. I am, as it were, a hollow bone through which this energy can flow freely through the client and ensures that the client's self-healing capacity is activated.


An energetic treatment works on the energetic body and therefore also on the physical body and the mind. We are not just our body, we are a holistic being where everything is interconnected.
The treatment is not a substitute for a doctor's treatment, but it can be a supplement or accelerate healing. So in case of serious complaints, first go to your doctor and have yourself examined!

These complaints are suitable to be treated with this energetic method:
- lung complaints
- pain, chronic pain
- menstrual complaints / hormonal imbalance
- stress, tension
- complaints of the musculoskeletal system and muscles
- fatigue complaints, energy system
- skin complaints

Treatment is not possible if:
- you are pregnant
- you have heart complaints
- you suffer from a serious mental disorder
- you have a lot of suicidal thoughts
- are under the age of 18 and do not have parental consent

Magnetizing is a form of laying on of hands, in which the hands often float just above the body. Long before our era, this way of healing is known to, among others, the Indian culture, Egyptian cultures, but also in the Christian religion. Observing and working with energy and the energetic field around people, animals and plants is ancient.
This energy, the life energy (sometimes also called prana, önd, chi, kundalini), comes from the Cosmic Source and gives nourishment and life to everything in and around us. In this way it also nourishes our body, flows through and around our body and provides it with energy to the core of all cells. Because our mind is not separate from the body, the life force also feeds our mental processes, our emotions, our thoughts and our ideas. Everything is alive, vibrates and has a certain frequency on the scale of life. We are a receiver and thus can exchange with these energies by attuning to them.
These energies are always looking for balance. Also in our body and in our energetic field. Sometimes the balance can be so disturbed that we become ill. It can then help to bring the energetic body back into balance so that the self-healing capacity of the body can be activated.
Illness can arise on an energetic level, for example through an accident, but also through unpleasant experiences that caused mental or physical pain and that act as a blockage in the energy flow of the body. You notice some of these blockages because you are tired or in pain, such as continuous headaches or sleeping problems.
It is the task of the energetic practitioner to remove these blockages in the treatment and to improve the flow of energy by adding life energy from the Source to the body where the energy is reduced.

I personally work with the following bodies in this treatment:
- the mental body
- the emotional body
- the etheric body

(* for the physical body I refer you to the massage page )

I also work with the following energy centers:
- Abdominal center *
- Heart center *
- Third Eye Center
(* traditional Siberian shamanic)

- The 7 Chakras

I myself work with the help of colors and laying on of hands to cleanse the energetic body and improve the flow. I am one of the 4% of people who have synaesthesia; a neurological phenomenon in which I 'see' colors in words and letters. But I also see colors in people and in certain body parts, this tells me something about the condition of the energy field and the relevant body part.
I also use my hands. My father was said to have "healing hands" and I look like him in this. When he was dying and I wanted to help him, I put my hands on his stomach - where colon cancer was - and my hands became very warm. So warm that my father said it was too hot and I had to hold them over my stomach, so he fell asleep wonderfully.
Third, I let myself be guided by my helpers, with whom I have a very strong bond. They have a protective function, but they also provide instructions and assist in the treatment.



Before we schedule a session, or prior to the session, we have an intake interview. I will then ask you some questions about your mental and physical health and what complaints you come for. This gives me more insight into the possible energetic causes and background. Of course, all this remains strictly confidential; I have a duty of confidentiality. I also explain what to expect from the treatment and you can indicate yourself what you like or don't like.


The treatment

The treatment itself takes place on a treatment table as with massage. I'll make sure
you lie warm and well. Then I treat the energetic field with the hands
just above your body. So I don't touch you and you can just wear your clothes
old people. Well I touch your feet, before I do I ask for you
I clean and remove blockages, put colors in the energy field and I am open
for directions from my helpers. Sometimes I use tools,

- the shamanic drum
- a shamanic rattle
- a shuttle
- a shamanic mirror
- stones (noble but also 'ordinary' stones)

Afterwards we discuss the treatment, which lasts half an hour or an hour, and we look for a possible follow-up appointment. Usually, just like with massage, three treatments are needed to get everything flowing and to remove all blockages, sometimes it is too intense to do everything at once because too much comes loose. But often we come a long way with one, in addition, it is also just wonderfully relaxing to undergo the treatment.
sometimes you can feel a bit rotten afterwards, because blockages have come loose, this sometimes means that something comes up that has been stuck for a long time. Do not be alarmed by this, this will pass after a maximum of a day. We always stay in touch after the treatment so that you can ask me questions about this. But in general one feels better after the treatment!


Treatment (incl. free intake):

30 min: € 27.50 incl. VAT

60 min: € 55.00 incl. VAT

If you are interested, send me an email via the contact form and we will schedule a session!


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