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Individual Shamanic Consultation

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Spirit of Wolf office, in Haastrecht

An individual consultation means that we look at your issue together in a session of approximately one hour. It is targeted and can be in person, over the phone or online (skype / Zoom) and is for women AND men.
In classical shamanism it is common to look for the cause of a certain problem, physical complaint or repeatedly disruptive theme in life in various ways, including not only conversation but also divination such as the use of the tarot, dream analysis, bone oracle , working with the shamanic mirror or contact with the helper-spirits of the person in question.
These techniques tell something about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the questioner and different 'bodies' are distinguished that interact and interact with each other.

The question mainly focuses on a number of areas in life:
- health / physical
- relationships / family / system / ancestors / love
- life mission / destiny / career / work

What can a shamanic consultation give a definite answer about?

- trauma and loss of soul
- confusion of identity with old self-images
- entanglements in the ancestral field / family tree
- harmful, energetic connections with external parties
- blockages in the energy field of the etheric body

To solve these problems, we schedule a shamanic healing session or I make something for you to continue with within the consultation.

Of course I also use my knowledge as an Applied Psychologist and refer you if I think this is wise. This consultation is never a substitute for a doctor, physiotherapist or psychiatrist.
After the consultation, I always give you something to continue with at home and also guide you remotely after the contact.
The conversation can be done via the telephone, Zoom and the explanation of the oracle I often do via a recorded message on the whatsapp.

Are you short on money?
Send me a message anyway. There is always a consultation.
tel. 0614932229

Online Consult - 60 min:
€ 50.00 incl

Personal consultation in practice in Haastrecht - 60 min:
€ 50.00 incl

One-time input question for oracle, via WhatsApp:
€ 17.50 tax incl

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