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Welcome to the website of Izih Kam, shamanic healing and ritual work.

I work within the Northwestern European and also Siberian shamanistic field and help people with psychological and physical complaints, help them to get rid of psychological, energetic and emotional charge and help them reconnect with the original power sources of nature and the natural world. ancestors. In this way all forces can take their proper place, harmony is created and thus promotes the health of body, mind and soul.
I give shamanistic consultations , healing work , energetic treatment , massage , have a specialization in women's work, work with oracles and guide people on their own shamanistic path, individually and in groups. Detailed information on these and additional topics can be found under "Services" .
It is a special, important and honorable task to make people rediscover themselves and to find the strength in themselves to make life worth living again, to be able to enjoy it and to notice positive effects in all areas from a renewed connection.

As a representative and guardian of an ancient shamanic tradition, I work according to the laws of nature and the ethical code that goes with it. I also try to teach this to my fellow human beings and those seeking help so that they can enrich their lives and restore the balance in the world around them.
In times of disharmony in our world, which manifests itself in lust for power, degeneration of moral values and the destruction of nature for our own gain - it is extremely important to restore our contact with nature, to renew the value of Mother Earth and Father Heaven. as well as our interconnectedness.
In this period of confusion, destructive worldviews and behaviors, I am committed to preserving archaic culture and the shamanic and cultural heritage and its values and ethics. I do this as a member and representative of (the Dutch office of) the international community of 'Spirit of Wolf' .
From this organization I hold fire rituals called ' Kamlanie ' around the new and full Moon for the benefit of the healing of people, the community and the well-being of our planet and thus the descendants.

If you want to contact us to book a session or other service, click on "Contact" or mail to

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Kamlanie fire ritual - calling of the spirits

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